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Create a new account by first going to: or by searching for Microsoft Word Online. It will prompt you though entering a phone number account or email (preferred) then a password. Or you can sign in if you already have a Microsoft account.

Open a new Microsoft Word Online document –> press New Blank Document.

Name the document at the top by clicking where it says Document 1 –> and changing it to “Word Vocabulary.”

First, some basics about the OneDrive and Microsoft Word…

The great thing about using Microsoft’s online products, is each will automatically save your work to the OneDrive. This is a cloud based drive (much like the Google Drive) which enables access to all documents you create from anywhere or any device. Just remember your login info!

So no saving is necessary with online versions. BUT if the editing is taking place in the Word desktop app, remember to save (File –> Save As) to a specific folder within the Documents Folder or onto a USB drive where it can easily be retrieved again. Then use Ctrl + S (or File –> Save) to save throughout the editing process.

Within the Online versions, however, only shortcuts are recognized.

Just push the two buttons listed at the same time to get the desired effect:

  • Copy: Ctrl + c
  • Cut: Ctrl + x
  • Paste: Ctrl + p
  • Undo: Ctrl + z
  • Select All: Ctrl + a
  • Bold: Ctrl + b
  • Underline: Ctrl + u
  • Italicize: Ctrl + i

NOTE:: Ctrl (“Control” in Windows) is equal to the Command key on a Mac

Some of the formatting functions in the shortcuts listed above also work from selecting the desired text and then clicking the desired effect from the Home menu font section in the Ribbon. Copy, Cut, and Paste, however, must be done using these shortcuts. The browser will not understand if you try to right click and move text that way.

Let’s format some text!

Below are some resources to quickly bring in text and other elements. This way, you won’t have to invent new text in order to see these functions come to life as we use them.

A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Word –

  • Click the link above
  • Select (highlight) the text from this page –> then press Ctrl +(Copy)
  • Now put the text from “A Beginners Guide to Microsoft Word” in your document –
    • Click in your document, then press Ctrl +(Paste)

Notice how the text keeps a lot of the formatting from the original website. We’re going to change that.

First, we are going to take out the default page spacing to make it easier to change the formatting.

Select all the text: Ctrl + a

Go to the Page Layout menu –> Spacing –> Before: change to 0 –> press Enter –> After: change to 0 –> press Enter

Notice how the lines of text come closer together.


Now, making sure the text is all selected, use Ctrl + a if not, go to the Home menu –> Paragraph section –> click the Bullet symbol. This will apply bullets to the entire document.

Now, remove all the lines which are still between the different vocabulary terms. We are doing this to make sure the text aligns with the bullets.

To do this, click in to put the cursor before the first word in each of the paragraphs, then click Backspace. The word should go before the bullet point on top of it.

NOTE: For some reason, if you remove the spaces first, then apply bullets in Word Online, it will apply bullets in a very strange way. This way you are sure to get a bullet before each new vocabulary term.

Next, we’re going to learn how to turn a table into a three fold brochure.

Open a new document:

Go to File –> New Blank Document –> Name the document Three_Fold_Brochure at the top where it says Document (#).

Now with your new document open, we are going to change the page orientation.

Go to the Page Layout menu –> Orientation –> change from Portrait to Landscape

This will change the page to 11″ wide by 8.5″ tall (rather than 8.5″ wide by 11″ tall).

Also in the same menu, we are going to change our margin size to make more room on our page.

Make sure you’re still in the Page Layout menu –> Margins –> change to Narrow (.5″ instead of 1″ space around each edge).

Next, we are going to insert a table to create our different sections for the brochure. You could also use columns to accomplish this task in the Microsoft Word desktop app, but it is not yet available in the online version.

Go to the Insert menu –> click Table –> highlight 5 squares across to make a 5 x 1 table

Move the table lines around to show 3 larger areas for text and pictures and two smaller areas to indicate where your folds will be, as shown below…

It will be a little difficult to make them exactly correct, but eyeball it the best you can. Leave a bit more room in the middle section to count for the margins on the right and left side.

Now, to save time, we are going to pull in some dummy text, better known as Lorem Ipsum. In publishing this is often used as a place holder.

Find it at the following site: Lorem Ipsum

Select (highlight) a couple of the paragraphs of dummy text. Use Ctrl + c to copy the text to fill into your new Brochure. Go back to your brochure tab, use Ctrl + p to paste it inside one of the larger table areas, one of your inner pages for your brochure.

Your table will automatically lengthen to the size of your text boxes. Next we will add a picture to the top of the next section. Right click the picture below then click Copy Image.


(Copyright – Robert H. Smith  |

Enter this image by clicking inside the next large section over, and pasting it using Ctrl + p. Notice how the picture will remain the original size. We must resize the picture to fit into the section properly.

To resize the picture, click in the middle of the picture until 8 dots show up on the corners and sides. Place your cursor onto one of the corners which went beyond the box until it changes to a diagonal arrow. Drag towards the middle of the image until the image is small enough to fit inside your section.

Add a title before the dummy text in the first section.

Click inside the first section and type “Upcoming Events” and hit enter twice to create a space between the title and the text.

Highlight the title and change the font and size.

Go to the Home menu –> Click the Font drop-down menu, change to a different font (try a few) –> highlight title again if necessary –> Change the size using the size dropdown menu and by trying up and down arrows (to the right of the size drop-down menu).


Create another page to mimic this one by clicking under the table –> then go to the Insert menu –> click Page break.

Then click inside the table you created on the first page (this will be the inside page).

This will bring up a new menu for Table tools: Design and Layout. Click in the Design menu –> Click Select Table.

Then, with the whole table highlighted, copy the table using Ctrl + c –> Click in Page 2 –> Paste the table into the new page using Ctrl + p.

Mess around with adding more text and titles in your trifold brochure.

Footers and Headers

Go back to the original document by clicking File –> Open –> Word Vocabulary

In the Insert menu –> click Headers and Footers.

This will allow you to enter information into a table format within the Header (top margin) and Footer (bottom margin). This information will show up on every page, unless you change the options, which will only show Headers and Footers as you choose.

Play around with the Options panel that show up on the side. For instance see what happens when you select to have a different even and odd page header. You get an additional spot on the left side where you can set the differing pages.

Next try to add a page number: Go to the Insert menu –> Page Numbers –> Select one of the options in the dropdown menu like center of the bottom of the page.

Get out of the Header and Footer sections and back to the main part of the document by double clicking into the body of your document.

Test your skills by creating a new document and reformatting a prewritten resume from the website below!

Also see the tips in the site below as you get to know Microsoft Word Online.

Basics in Microsoft Word Online

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