My Nan

My grandmother, Nan, who just turned 97 this last June, bless her heart was an incredible seamstress. She also crocheted and knitted beautifully ordinate pieces. I remember growing up and receiving handmade outfits from her for Christmas or birthdays, or wrapping up in one of her cozy afghans. The intricacy, the time, and love that went into each garment made it clear this was her passion. Sadly, in recent years Nan has had to go into assisted living. While cleaning out her finished basement, we happened upon what appeared to mountains of sewing equipment. Now all this said sewing equipment, along with my new Brother sewing machine are in my basement…

Funny enough, I never actually learned how to sew with a machine. I can manage some basic Girl Scout mending, but as we were 3 hours apart, Nan and I didn’t have a chance during visits to talk sewing. In hindsight, I should have pushed for the chance to learn from such an incredible creator as her. But, alas, as her machines were sold quite some years ago when her sight began to make the tiny work impossible – the woman is 97 – she isn’t the mentor she once could be.

Now in my 30s, I can appreciate the power in being able to connect material in order to create decor, clothing, costumes, or even quilt. Nan’s legacy is too awesome to let it go to Goodwill. I had to find a new sewing mentor. Guess who is trained on a sewing machine? Micah! This page, I want to bring novice seamstresses (or total “want-to-be’s” like me) along for the journey to honor Nan’s legacy.


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