Photoshop for Beginners

During the session October Photoshop session I led at the Hinsdale Public Library, we went through how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to make some basic photograph edits for printing purposes.

If someone is hard to buy for, print a meaningful photograph and frame it. They will have a hard time not liking a fond memory or past time.


My project example came from a real life situation: I recently bought a couple frames needing many printed pictures. This prompted me to begin searching through my phone for perfect photographs to fill the slots. I found a bunch I loved and wanted to print, but each one was slightly off this way or that. I opened each in Photoshop Elements and started to alter each to have a more focused, perfected portrait look.


Big Picture Frame
Make it fun for the whole family. Print more pictures than you need and let the little ones pick which ones make the frame!

The session goes through a lot of the basic information you need to know to start editing images using Adobe Photoshop, or any Adobe program. The beautiful thing is, once you understand some basic concepts in Photoshop Elements, it transcends through a lot of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Below is the information for the our Photoshop beginners. There is a Google Slides presentation link, a handout to explain the Elements workspace, as well as links to see the Photoshop Tools descriptions. Also, there is a link to the Hinsdale Public Library, where you can reserve the Digital Media Lab, which has Photoshop Elements, all Adobe Creative Cloud Applications as well as much more. Lastly, there is a link to our database page, where I would like to direct users to Lynda, an incredible online resource for learning pretty much anything tech.

Photoshop Elements: Getting Started with Adobe (Google Slides Presentation)

Photoshop Workspace Handout (PDF)

Photoshop Elements User Guide -See this user guide from

Photoshop Element Tools Also see this tools description page at

Learn from Check with your library to see if they have a subscription.

Photoshop Elements Toolbox Essentials – This is a page compiled by a Photoshop Elements user displaying some handy toolbox information.


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