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Hello everyone!

I have created a survey intended to collect information from a library’s user base. I have labeled it for the library I currently work, the Poplar Creek Public Library District, to keep the example concrete. This is not a survey in which the PCPLD uses to collect information, it is one I created and isn’t intended to have any correlation to their research methods. I do feel that it could be utilized by many libraries in search of popular research topics in their specific area. For instance, I would bet that if the patrons of PCPLD took this survey, we would either find that we need more medical books or that these resources are especially important. I know because of the increasing number of nursing / medical students who request materials most often. However, I hope that it could be a useful tool to collect information from your community in regard to research topics they are most interested.

Please see the following PDF:

Nonfiction Research Materials User Survey

Let me know what you think 😉

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