WordPress for Beginners

Welcome to the beginning of your blogging lifestyle. Before your know it, you will be thinking of projects in terms of best lighting and how to capture it for your fans. WordPress is an incredible CMS (Content Management System). Although the beginner class is going through how to obtain a free sub-domain from WordPress.com, these same principles and editing techniques apply across all of WP land.

While it is all done, wrapped up and handed to you in 4 easy steps, there are some downfalls to using a free WordPress.com site (as opposed to purchasing a domain name and finding a web host / server and downloading the WordPress.org package). The first downfall is WP can post advertisements on your site. You can’t control it. The second one is you don’t have access to all the themes that  you would normally if  you did the full deal. You still get access to about 100 free themes to choose from, which are ample to get your feet wet. The final thing that seems to put the biggest damper on the free site, is you don’t get to use plugins. You might be thinking, “What are plugins?” Well, plugins are what make WP sites magical and more powerful. It’s sort of like, if you had a specific function that your theme isn’t fulfilling, you can usually find a plugin to fulfill that need. Checkout the “Best WordPress Plugins.” Plugins also commonly fill in security gaps or behind the scene flaws in your site. They come in very handy later on when things begin to get more specific.

WP will pressure you to buy into their paid memberships when you sign up, but these options are not really cost effective compared with other industry options. If you really want your own domain name, this is an option without the hassle of servers, FTPs, cPanels, and databases. It is always worth shopping around though.

The best part of starting in a free site, is EVERYTHING you make here can be imported into a different, more permanent WP site when you are ready. So, no redoing any of your work. Keep your pages and posts and move them over to wherever you want your fans to find you.


Here are some resources to get started:

Google Slides Presentation:

WordPress for Beginners

WordPress.org Support:




w3schools.com – Incredible coding help. Learn HTML and CSS to help your web site building skills!

WP Beginner:




  • Put your Library Card # where it says “Barcode” at the top, then click Lynda.com.
  • Login on Lynda.com using your Lib Card # and PIN.

WHSR – Web Hosting Secrets Revealed:

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